Denver Broncos Jump Cam

Unique and exciting angles while jumping from 6,000 feet in the air. Just business as usual for Wave Central.

Denver Broncos Jump Cam project

The Denver Broncos have chosen Wave Central to power their RF fan-cams, allowing their in-house production to obtain images from almost anywhere in the stadium including the field, seats, concourses and the tunnel shot which allows the fan-cam to join the team in their pre-game entrance to the field. They have also been able to obtain images outside the stadium at main entrance and parking lot, without direct line of sight to the antennas inside the stadium. This has allowed the Broncos to give their fans a unique perspective of what the player’s sees, entering the field. This season, the Bronco’s production team is taking it one step further. They have asked Wave Central if we could set up one of the Bronco’s Thunderstorm parachute team with a camera and an RF system, to give their fans a live view of the jump. We were happy to oblige. While there were many technical obstacles to overcome, Wave Central’s Axis system is able to deliver a “live” video feed of the Thunderstorm jumper, from over 6000’ above Sport Authority Field and his decent into the stadium.

About the system

The system is based on Wave Central’s Axis Mini “B” 5.8GHz transmitter and coupled with the 2KSDI helmet mounted camera, Bronco fans now get to vicariously experience what it’s like to parachute into the stadium. Being able to transmit unique camera angles that yield a viewpoint that has never available before, allows the Broncos production team to give the crowd the ultimate “in-house” fan experience. For Wave Central and their Axis systems, being able to provide reliable RF systems that can deliver these types of images is just business as usual.

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