CNBC has been using RF cameras at the NY Stock Exchange for a few years now. At that time, they wanted to give their viewers a unique perspective of what goes on during a normal trading day for such shows as “Squawk on the Street” as well as “The Opening Bell” and “Market Wrap”. It gave their programs a certain look that has set them apart and since set the standard for how other financial news outlets report on Wall Street. CNBC owned older MPEG2 based product from another manufacturer but they wanted to improve both their image quality, and dramatically increase their coverage range. To CNBC it was clear they needed to upgrade their RF systems to something that offered newer MPEG4 technology, as well as increasing their coverage area, as the layout of the Stock Exchange had changed since their current RF systems were first installed. CNBC contacted Wave Central to see if they could provide an RF solution that could meet the demands of their production.

What we offered

Wave Central delivered two 5.8GHz RF systems to replace their current installed RF system. The new Axis series systems Wave Central provided improved their image quality, while providing ultra-low delay of ≤ 20ms. Their lower power, lighter weight and less current draw also gave them longer battery run times, but the biggest improvement was the dramatic increase in range. CNBC chose to purchase Axis AXRX6 six way diversity receivers, as part of their upgrade. While the Axis receiver can be configured to have anywhere from two and up to eight antenna inputs, they decided that adding only two more antennas would give them the boost in coverage they needed. The six antennas outputs are split between the two receivers, saving on installation space as well as purchase cost to the system.


During the installation of the new systems, a walk-about test was done to confirm antenna placement and overall system set up. Immediately, we noticed the range inside the Stock Exchange had radically improved, including some areas that were previously unattainable because of interference problems. After having been able to receive signal anywhere within the Stock Exchange from both RF cameras, the cameramen took the units outside onto Wall Street and Exchange Plaza. The signal reception was incredible, as they were able to walk four blocks away and still receive crystal clear images with no direct line of sight to the antennas inside the Stock Exchange.


CNBC is very happy with their purchase of Wave Central’s Axis series RF system. The system’s performance exceeded their expectations and is now used during their daily production even more than before.

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