New stadium, new technology

When the NFL’s newest venue, the San Francisco 49er’s Levi’s stadium was being built, it needed to be outfitted with equipment that was at the forefront in technology. During the equipment evaluation phase, various RF manufacturers were invited to demonstrate their solutions to the 49er’s. When it was all over, the wireless camera system of choice was Wave Central’s Axis series. Besides having very robust signal coverage throughout the stadium and concourses, they chose the Axis system, because of its versatility in creating a custom system which is unique to the 49er’s application.

Client needs

The 49er’s wanted to embed the RF camera with the team, as they walked out from their locker room and into the stadium. At Levi’s stadium for the team’s pre-game introduction, the team would walk out from their locker room, through one of the luxury clubs and onto the field at the 50 yard line. Later, after halftime, the team would come onto the field from their end zone entrance.

System capabilities

The Axis series receivers can have their antennas extended up to 1000 feet on RG6 type coaxial video cable. Being that this was a new stadium, it had mostly fiber optic cable installed with very little or no copper (coaxial video) cables at all. Instead of trying to use a costly RF over fiber solution, we installed a secondary AXRX4 receiver into an electrical utility closet, spread out the four antennas and sent the HD- SDI signals from the receiver, back to the control room via fiber. The end result was seamless RF coverage from deep within the locker room, club area and right onto the field. The cameras are able to be remotely painted in all areas as well.


The 49er’s demanded superior RF coverage, as well as outstanding image quality for their new stadium. Wave Central’s Axis systems delivered the goods.

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